Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kindergarten painted backgrounds

Peach Fish Acrylic on board

Third grade color wheel mural

Third grade fish mosaic sample

First Grade Mixed media Flowers

Lino cut- symmetry 8th grade

Lino Print- Symmetry example

Mixed media first grade prints

Third Grade fish mosaic with paper

Child's bedroom wall mural

Wallpaper fish series acrylic on wood

Digital photo, my daughter sophia

Trading Cards

Trading Cards

MC Escher Bunny / parrot tess. 8th grade

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Purple Cat .... acrylic on wood panel

School example - Day of the Dead Polymer Clay Skulls

Middle School Example- Day of the Dead Symmetrical Skulls

After Van Gogh first grade group mural

After "Go Away Big Green Monster" - Pre-K 

First Grade Snowglobes- Oil Pastel on paper

First Grade Mixed Media Painting

Third Grade Positive and Negative space Paintings- brush control

Eighth Grade Portrait Paintings

Fourth Grade Pumpkin- Oil Pastel- Showing Shape and Form with simple shading

Eighth Grade Self Portrait - in progress